Challenges and Changes in the Media and Communication

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Pembicara : Widyatmoko Kukuh Sanyoto

1. From Regulated Press to Press Freedom: The Challenge of the Electronic Media to Freedom of Information;

2. TV in Transitition: The Role and Challenge of the Electronic Media in the Transition Period;

3. Several books on Spanish language

4. Many articles published for Latin American media

Education: Political Science Universidad El
Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Madrid; Analyst & System Design in Caracas, Venezuela.

“The Stone age did not end because of
lack of stones.

It ended because there was new and
better technology available.”
unknownAnd today’s new technologies has driven us into a NEW AGE…
….the New Wave

….and certainly it’s not because we have
ran out of water…(or is it?)…

saya setuju dengan beberapa pendapatnya bahwa kerja harus mengikuti kata hati dan apa yang diajarkan di kuliah sering berbeda dengan kenyataan di dunia kerja.


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