Politik dan Hukum Indonesia

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

dibawakan oleh Wartawan Kompas Tri Agung Kristanto

It’s really fun  when this person share his experiences as journalist for Kompas. I like his comedic side when tell us a lot stories without ended up make me bored.

He talked about politic in fun ways  when he told us about  O.C. Kaligis, Hotman Paris (the best things he shared their shocking private life [I’m not really surprised coz a lot of rumors bout them in internet and my friend who take majors in law already shared bout hotman before).

He told us if we can really live without politic, a lot of us maybe said I don’t have any interest with politic, but another funny fact you know a lot about celebrities rom infotainment and they have great connection with people who have great influence in this country). Indonesia is one of the most democratic country in the world. Our country were better than Malaysia, Singapore, even US ( after 9/11 tragedy) in field of Democracy (of course, xD). We can criticized our government freely compared to another our neighborhood countries.

As Kompas’ journalist were banned to accept any fund from outsource to keep their objective side when writing a news, he shared he has offered to be take a dinner and  entertained by an actress from famous lawyer in this country…I think the great things about Kompas that they always want to keep their journalism pride and ethics.


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